To be the most trusted food and feed manufacturer in the region.


We will feed the region by:

• Meeting and exceeding global food safety standards
• Value for money offerings
• Fairness and equity in treating with our employees


• Results Oriented
• Accountability
• Fairness and Integrity
• Innovation
• Open Communication
• Value for Money
• Customer Delight
• Building Teams and Talent
• Corporate Social Responsibility


It is the policy of NFM to conduct its business practices in accordance with the highest ethical standards.  Bribery and corruption will not be condoned. Every effort will be made to ensure that:

• Our products are produced to specifications and in conformance with the customers’ requirement;
• The quality of raw materials used are fit for the purpose intended;
• Customer credit terms are fair;
• Customer complaints are treated in a timely courteous manner;

National Flour Mills Limited (NFM) was established in 1972 as a public trading company and has since been recognised as the leader in flour milling, rice packaging, feed milling and dry mix operations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Flour & Dry Mix Operations
The company’s product range for human consumption comprises of wheat-based products such as all-purpose flour, bakers flour, whole wheat flour, cake flour, self rising flour, wheat germ, wheat bran and wheat cereal. Its dry mix operations manufactures products such as pholourie mix, split peas powder, baking powder, custard powder and icing sugar.

Animal Feed & Pet Food Operations
Its feed milling and packaging division manufactures feeds for broilers, layers, ducks, goats, dairy, sheep, pigs, horses, fishes, rabbits, tilapia, puppies and dogs.

Trading Operations
Within the trading and distribution portfolio, the company sells parboiled rice, brown rice, soyabean oil, instant ginger tea, coconut milk powder and instant yeast.

International Standards
NFM achieved ISO certification in 1994. In early 2008, we successfully converted our ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008. Ongoing commitment to improved quality control measures has also seen the implementation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical points (HACCP) system, one of the top preventative food safety systems in the world. This adherence to high standard has enabled NFM to work with many of the top food commercial companies in the region. Our brands such as Ibis, Lotus, good “N” natural, Lion, Hibiscus and National Feeds have become synonymous with high quality standard.

Increased Exports & Wider Distribution
In addition to ever-widening local distribution throughout Trinidad and Tobago, our aggressive export thrust has seen our products penetrate new markets gaining significant presence with strong brand recognition. We have added Belize in 2013 to our already long list of regional and extra-regional markets: Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Suriname, Canada and USA.

The Future
NFM’s proven business strategy of combining sustained technological improvements, capacity expansion, enhanced customer relations and superior products has strategically positioned the company to face any challenge on the local or global market.


Happily and gratefully serving and feeding our nation, everyday